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In the unlikely event that another tax software increases your refund we will refund your money and give you an additional $50.

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Why Choose Us For Your Rapid Refund?
During hard economic times you need to be sure you are getting the highest refund possible. No one wants to wait around for 6 weeks or more for a refund that can only take a few days if you know where to go to do your online taxes. You want to make sure that not only do you get the best (aka maximum) refund possible by choosing accurate and experienced tax professionals to work with, but also that you get your money right away by going with an efile rapid refund. A rapid refund gives you your tax money in as little as 8 days so you can use it right away for rent, groceries, or any emergency expense you might have! Big Fat Refund guarantees a maximum refund so you don’t have to worry when the time comes to do your online taxes.

Here we make sure you get your money fast by remembering any tax credits you may qualify for. Our job here at Big Fat Refund is to help you get your rapid refund even if it’s the first time you’re ever filing taxes by yourself. We don’t let Uncle Sam get in the way between you and your money.  Time lost in fixing mistakes that will cause the IRS to reject your efile tax return is a hassle you do not want to deal with when it comes time to pay the bills. We make sure you get your full rapid refund by offering a user-friendly online tax software and a team of qualified tax professionals. Customers who use Big Fat Refund are ensured that their tax refunds are guaranteed in quick and timely manners-we leave no cents behind that should otherwise be in your pocket! There is a reason we are the best and why customers come back to us year after year because they know their refund depends on it.

Not just any online tax software can get you a efile rapid refund. If you are a student, have dependents you can claim, or mortgage interest to write-off, don’t worry-we’ve got you covered. You may not know right away all the possible tax advantages the IRS offers, but with the right tax professionals you won’t need to. 

To get a rapid refund within the guaranteed timeframe, your return must be detailed and accurate to make sure that the IRS accepts it. By going with an established tax company like ours, you know the IRS will not find any mistakes and disburses your funds right away- hundreds and thousands of happy customers can testify. We keep up with all the latest tax amendments that would affect you and your family so you don’t have to. A rapid refund delivers a piece of mind to online taxes customers and their wallets, and no one knows how to make that happen more than Big Fat Refund.

Customers Choose Big Fat Refund for their Rapid Tax Refund
Customers choose Big Fat Refund for their rapid tax refund because of 3 reasons:
1. it works
2. easy to use
3. they get their refund quickly.

No one likes to wait for their tax refund when they know they can get it quickly and easily. That’s where Big Fat Refund efile comes into play. Customers who use Big Fat Refund love the services and recommend it to their kids, friends, and coworkers because it offers knowledgeable, friendly staff who can answer all their online tax questions so they get their rapid tax refund comes in from the IRS efile in no time. No other tax site offers around-the-clock support via phone, chat, and a secure online messaging center. We pride ourselves on quality service from the comfort of your home. No other competitor can guarantee a faster refund than we do! Big Fat Refund gives you just that-a big fat refund by crunching your numbers correctly so that you don’t have to!

Our customers range from young college students to full-time businessmen & women who wish to do their taxes on their own time without a hassle. We’ll deliver your rapid tax refund without question or delay by allowing you to save your work as you go if you have a busy schedule and answering all your questions from beginning to end. Our rapid tax refund efile specialists can even help you find missing w2’s from jobs you left that you can’t find anywhere else! We help you make the right decisions so your money is in your pocket in the highest refund possible. Choosing the right efile team for your rapid tax refund is important so that you not only get your hard-earned money quickly and easily, but you can feel safe and secure that you made the right choice. Here at Big Fat Refund we value our reputation as a star company that treats their clients with as much care just as though you were sitting right in front of us!

Whether you’re a part-time worker or a sole proprietor who travels around the country, we’re an online taxes team that has you covered. We’ll make sure you get your rapid tax refund without delay so you can use it to pay bills or spend it with your family. We understand that your money helps you build your dreams and your future-so we dedicate ourselves to working hard for you! Your rapid tax refund is only a couple of tax questions away-and we’ll make sure you give the right answers on your return so that you get your money in no time!

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